KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is a high-quality free-to-play game that displays sharp movements
achieved with Unreal Engine 4. With easy controls and high accessibility, you can compete
against other players online from all over the world! Start your engines and jump right
into the world class kart racing game, KartRider: Drift!

Game Mode



Game Mode

  • Speed Mode

    If you would like to experience the exhilarating speed of KartRider: Drift,
    Charge up your Boosts with Drifts. Enjoy the speed and race for speed!
    Press the Shift key at the exact moment of your turns and feel the thrills of real-life drifting!

  • Item Mode

    Collect different items to use to your advantage. Attack others, defend yourself or your team with various items.
    The beauty of Item Mode is that winning is unpredictable with dynamic races!
    Watch out for attack items and be on guard at all times!


  • Automated Matchmaking Mode

    Get online and simply press PLAY to jump in the race with our Matchmaking Mode.
    Choose the Game Modes and Players of your choice. Team up with others or
    your friends to enjoy races with your squad!

  • Custom Mode

    Create a custom race of your choice and invite your friends by sharing the unique game code.
    Customize from different maps, modes, to number of players.
    Enjoy all types of races with Custom Mode!


Garage Item

Customize and select different items obtained from races. Karts, Booster Trails, Skins, Characters, Emotes,
and many more can be customized here!


There are specific Karts (Cotton, Burst, Solid) that have different parts that can be replaced.
Customize different parts and create your very own and unique Karts!

Character Skins

Collect different outfits for each characters and show off your style!

Character Emotes

Now that you have your outfits ready, get ready to dance!
Show off your moves with different emotes! Customize and select different emotes for different situations.