Dev's Garage Dev Blog#9: Driving Assistance 2020.09.25


Hey there Racers!


I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.


In today’s Dev Blog, I would like to talk about the development of the Driving Assistance System.

We confirmed that Racers playing KartRider: Drift for the first time during the Closed Beta Tests sometimes had difficulty drifting or momentarily losing control of their kart. Various pieces of feedback were given by many Racers, suggesting a system where they could easily practice and learn.

We analyzed your feedback and thought about what beginning Racers need to adapt to racing. We decided that an assistance system is needed for difficult driving situations.

We are developing the Driving Assistance System to allow Racers to experience the fun nature of KartRider: Drift more easily.


1)  Driving Assistance Features

- Displaying a kart driving line

- Displaying a track course guide line

- Automatically returning a Racer to the track after leaving it


2)  Drifting Assistance Features

- Optimal zone for drifting

- Drifting direction assistance


3)  Other Features

- Racing direction adjustment after track collision

The goal of the Driving Assistance System is to take player usability into consideration while not ruining the fun of driving in KartRider: Drift.

The system is not based solely on the thoughts of the dev team. Since we need to make sure that it's a system that's both helpful and fun for our Racers to use, we are planning to have a small Focus Group Test to check this once the development is complete.

When we meet again on the tracks, whether it is your first time experiencing KartRider: Drift or not, we will do our best development work in order for you to enjoy the fun of racing in KartRider: Drift.

Thank you for always taking an interest in the Dev Blogs and for leaving lots of feedback in the community. Please continue to show your love and interest and share with us on the Official Forums or on Discord.