Dev's Garage Dev Blog#6:Thank you RACERS! 2020.06.10

Hey there, Racers!

I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.


The exciting seven days of the Global June Closed Beta are already over.


I would like to give thanks on behalf of the dev team for your passionate participation and affectionate interest. Every Racer who participated in the Global June Closed Beta experienced our game and provided us with precious feedback. The Global June Closed Beta may be over, but we believe it is now an important time to carefully review your feedback and incorporate them into KartRider: Drift.


I also played as one of the Racers and not as a developer during the Global June Closed Beta, and I spent considerable time talking to other players and experiencing KartRider: Drift. The time I spent with you, our Racers, was important. I was able to strongly identify with the stories and experiences of our Racers, and understand what was lacking in the game.


Now that this Closed Beta is over, we will go over everyone’s feedback and comments again and analyze them to further develop KartRider: Drift. We will continue to provide updates through Dev Blogs throughout the process.


We appreciate your continued interest in KartRider: Drift, and hope that you will check back in to see how your valuable feedback is getting developed and applied to the game. Thank you for participating in the Global June Closed Beta. It was an honor to race on the tracks with players from around the world!


I will put in my best efforts as we continue to improve KartRider: Drift and I look forward to seeing you back on the tracks.