Dev's Garage WELCOME TO KARTRIDER: DRIFT! 2019.12.06


Hey there, Racers!


Let me introduce myself for the first time through this Dev Blog. I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.

If you've experienced KartRider in the past or in the present, I imagine you remember the game well and are familiar with it. 

But most of you may be encountering the game for the first time.


KartRider is an online casual racing game that has been played in the Asian market for 15 years.

The game's entertainment value has been verified with players over the last 15 years, and is still loved by many today.


Whenever I introduce the original KartRider, 

I introduce it as a game that generates countless stories in the short 3 minutes of gameplay in a match. 

It may be a short amount of time, but because it's a racing game during which you compete and work with one another 

while driving on the track, the narratives of each of the 8 players come together to give birth to various stories.


KartRider's gameplay may be short, but it can be played over a long time.

With KartRider: Drift, we'd like to further the entertainment value of the original KartRider so the game can be played by people 

from all around the world and stories can be written together globally.


KartRider: Drift will now come to you as a Closed Beta between December 5th and 8th. 

We won't be able to show you everything about KartRider: Drift during this Closed Beta, 

but we'd like to present players with a joy of racing like they've never experienced before, and write new stories together.


I consider this Closed Beta to be an important opportunity to introduce KartRider: Drift to all players around the world. 

During this first encounter with players, 

I'd like to find out if we'll be able to carry over and advance the original KartRider's drive to have everyone enjoy the fun of racing. 

I'd also like to continue to produce a game that can be played together over a long time, 

based on players' stories, not just those of the KartRider: Drift developers.


I'd like this game to be built by both the KartRider: Drift developers and the players. 

So please, I hope a lot of you will participate in Closed Beta and provide lots of feedback.


Don't miss out on the chance to compete with racers from all over the world!

See you on the track!