Dev's Garage Dev Blog#11: Practice Makes Perfect 2021.05.06


Hey Racers!


We're thrilled to bring you an update today! We know it's been a some time since you last heard any news from us; the truth is we’ve been slammed with our development work! The plan going forward is to provide several more updates over the next few months.


The team here at Nexon has been working on many improvements for KartRider: Drift, and we're excited to give you a peek at what's been happening behind the scenes!


Our new Driving Assistance System will help new Racers get up to speed quickly, so that both fresh and veteran drivers alike can enjoy the game. Because, after all, the more Racers, the more mayhem and fun, right?


Ready to dig into the details? Buckle up, 'cause here we go!



  • New "Driving Convenience" Features: Our new driving convenience features will help first-time Racers learn to understand the tracks, master kart controls, and even assist with driving directions. After all, it takes practice to start seeing the perfect racing lines!

    A.    Driving Direction: Right? Left? In the thrill of the race, Driving Direction will help new Racers gain awareness of which direction to go. That, in turn, will help them become more aware of the course and bring them one step closer to being expert drivers!

    B.    Track Guidelines: New to a track? Have no fear! Track Guidelines will show new Racers the ideal driving path of each track to give them the edge in a race!

    C.    Quick Automatic Return: It's not hard to get back on track! Quick Automatic Return puts Racers back where they need to be should they get turned around in a collision, meander off the trail, or fall off a cliff!

  • New "Drift Convenience" Features: Drifting is the name of the game (literally!), but it's a technique that can take some time to master. Our new drift convenience features will teach new Racers how to combine the timing and angle of their drift to get them where they want to go. Before you know it, it'll become second nature!

    A.    Drift Zones: When's the best time to start a drift? When's the best time to end it? Drift Zones visually display the best start and end points of your drift. Now you can visualize and plan your drifts ahead of time!

    B.    Drift Correction: Want a few more pointers on how to achieve the perfect drift? Drift Correction adjusts your kart's direction by calculating your drift usage and duration. It'll even let you know when you might be over- or under-steering and keep you from going the wrong direction after drifting!

  • Wait, There's More! You could run the same track a hundred times and never have the same experience. Endless scenarios await! We've added in a couple new features that'll help make even the more difficult situations more fun.

    A.    Quick Automatic Return: When you're jamming down the track at top speed, it can be difficult to maintain control if you bump into something. Quick Automatic Return adjusts your direction in advance, prior to a collision, to help you correct your kart and get back into the race!

    B.    Reduced Collision Force: Need a guardian angel? Reduced Collision Force will prevent you from repeatedly reversing and moving forward to get back on course after a collision. It'll also guide you to avoid accidentally selecting a difficult route, at least until you're ready for it!

Our goal with the Driving Assistance System is to balance skill and fun, especially for our newer Racers. We've gotten a lot of feedback from our previous Beta tests and smaller scale internal focus tests, and we're dedicated to making racing less work and more fun! To achieve that, we're not only carefully fine-tuning our new Driving Assistance System, we're also working on various other additional features.


Finally a BIG thank you for all the support you've shown to KartRider: Drift so far. Your suggestions have been great and we really are listening with the goal of making KartRider: Drift the most fun for everyone, so please keep the ideas flowing!


See you on the track!



-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-