Dev's Garage THANK YOU RACERS! 2019.12.10


Hey there, Racers!

I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer, and KartRider: Drift’s Closed Beta has already come to an end.


Thanks to your active participation and interest, we were able to complete the 1st round of testing. Thank you so much.


As a developer, I've felt and experienced a lot of things during this Closed Beta.

This opportunity was precious to us because we knew it was a necessary step in order to fine-tune the driving that's vital to racing,
and to find out the points of improvement for KartRider: Drift.

I was also able to think again on how to continue with the game’s development.


There were a lot of shortcomings during the Closed Beta,
but we were able to receive clear feedback about the development thus far,
and were able to diagnose issues from the racer’s point-of-view, instead of only the developer’s.


You've provided such clear and sensible analyses from the detailed points of driving, collisions that occur in various situations, camera movement, UX, and more,
and we’ll be using your feedback to fine-tune and improve these parts in the future and do our best to show a clear improvement.


We'll put on our best efforts as we continue developing KartRider: Drift,
to make a game that meets and exceeds your expectations, creating something that is built both by the developers and the players.

And we'll return to you with a game that won't disappoint.


Thank you for being with us during the Closed Beta. It was an honor for me to be with players from all around the world.

So until then, I'll look forward to seeing you back on the track as I put in my best effort!