Dev's Garage Dev Blog#12: Revving Up the Fun - Part 1 2021.08.30


Hey there, Racers!


On August 5th, we released a new teaser video for KartRider: Drift! If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here. LINK

Now take a peek behind the scenes at some of the things we've been working on the last few months! 

Revving up the Fun Factor


  • Start Boost: Hit the Start Boost at the right moment to get an even larger head-start!


  • Dynamic Collisions: The effect and corresponding animations from a collision will change based on the power of the collision, to make it clearer just how hard you hit the wall.

Strong Collision


Weak Collision


  • Winners Podium: No more guesswork about who won the race: First place gets their own spot on the podium, instead of having to share a flat stage (and the glory) with second and third!


These features are being developed to let Racers better enjoy a dynamic driving experience from start to finish.

We’ve made it easier for more Racers to use the Start Boost, as well as receive additional perks for getting the timing just right. We also worked on movement and collision effects and animations so that it’s much easier to know how well (or not) you're doing--and to keep your focus on the race itself!

And finally, while not the biggest change, we felt that the post-game stage for solo matches wasn't giving the winning player the glory they deserve. So out with the flat stage, and in with a traditional podium with spots for First, Second and Third!
Our goal is to make driving more fun, no matter what game mode you're playing.


Upgrading Item Mode


Item Boxes: We've increased the spawn speed of item boxes and adjusted the rates of the various items in the boxes to boost strategic gameplay.
Those Racers far in the back behind the leader will have plenty of ammo to even the odds!

Timing is Everything: Missile and Magnet items now lock onto a target with the item's first press, and then are fired with the second, letting you pick your moments more carefully.

Missile and Magnet Usage Method Change


  • Distinct Slot Colors: An item slot's color is now differentiated by the item type (attack, defense, speed) to make it easier to determine what sort of item you got at a glance.

Item Slot Color Differentiation


Improvements to effects and animations will make obtaining, using, and hitting items more dynamic and fun.

We’ve also made efforts to diversify the gameplay strategy according to your race position by changing the item box rates, giving Racers in the back of the pack a better chance of catching up (or dragging the leader back down to you). We’re setting out to make Item Mode its own unique brand of chaotic fun!
Check back next time when we talk about some of the work we're doing on the tracks, characters, skins, and karts. More info will be provided to sate your curiosity in Dev Blog: Revving Up the Fun - Part 2!


-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-