Dev's Garage Dev Blog#13: Revving Up the Fun - Part 2 2021.10.06


Hey there, Racers!


Today, we want to talk about the work that we've been doing on tracks, characters, skins and karts that we announced in our last Dev Blog#12: Revving Up the Fun - Part 1!

A lot of work has gone into everything below that you'll get your hands on soon, so read on and enjoy!



  • See the new Tracks and Themes


Tracks are at the heart of a good kart racing game, and giving you fun roads to race down has been a major focus of our work.

The dev team has been preparing not only new tracks with unique challenges and twisting curves, but also new locations and themes to give Racers more variety and fun as they compete for records and rankings!


Check out new tracks from the Village and Forest themes that many of you played in the second Closed Beta Test, and also tracks using the classic Desert and Glacier setting.

Get a sneak peek at tracks from the brand-new Moonhill and Mine themes that will go beyond what you've experienced!

Take a look below as we expand the vibrant settings and tracks of KartRider: Drift!




New Village Theme Track



New Forest Theme Track



New Desert Theme Track



New Moonhill Theme Track



New Mine Theme Track



New Glacier Theme Track




  • Check out new Characters and Skins!


Characters and skins are custom-made places where Racers can show off their style and personality in the race.

We're expanding the selection of characters and skins to suit the taste of many more Racers.


Our goal is to give you enough different looks to fully express yourself in the world of KartRider: Drift.

We hope that you continue to keep your eyes peeled for more creative, entertaining, intimidating, and downright goofy looks that we'll be making available!





Of course, customization wouldn't be complete without showing off some new wheels to take onto the track!

These new karts have special designs that are perfectly suited to blazing around the road at top speed, giving you new ways to express yourself on the course.


Take a look at the new designs below and let us know what you think!

And continue to keep an eye out for new karts, both for speedy racing as well as the ever-chaotic Item Mode!





Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks of all this new content!

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we unveil some more new content that we've been working extra hard on!




-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-