Dev's Garage Dev Blog#15: WELCOME TO CLOSED BETA 3! 2021.12.07


Hey there, Racers!

We would like to thank the many Racers who have been waiting patiently for Closed Beta 3! We worked hard and did our best to prepare KartRider: Drift for everyone to get on the tracks and enjoy racing; however, we’d like to apologize because it took longer than we wanted to reach this point.

There were many difficulties during the preparation, but we were able to get Closed Beta 3 ready, in part because of the support from all of our Racers. We have enjoyed the many stories you have told us of your experience with the game so far.

Check out the changes to KartRider: Drift in Closed Beta 3 and tell us more about your time on the tracks! We look forward to seeing you and your friends drifting around corners and heading for the finish line.

Are you ready to race? The time has come to head to the tracks in KartRider: Drift’s Closed Beta 3!

Join us for a week of racing from December 9 - December 15.



See you on the tracks!


-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-