Dev's Garage Dev Blog#16: THANK YOU FOR RACING WITH US IN CBT3! 2021.12.15


Hey there, Racers!

On behalf of the entire Nexon team, we would like to thank all the Racers who participated in Closed Beta 3. It was a fast week, and the support and passionate racing you showed us these past 7 days were precious and gratifying moments to behold as KartRider: Drift developers.

Now the heated racing that we enjoyed together has ended. We appreciate all of the stories and records that you created during these past 7 days, as this information will be critical for us to use in completing KartRider: Drift. The Dev Team will be going through and analyzing all of this data and using it to improve KartRider: Drift as we get ready for our official launch next year.

We will continue to share developmental updates and changes through our Dev Blogs, so please keep an eye on this page!

It was an honor for us to race on the tracks with all of you Racers from around the world! We’ll continue to put in our best efforts on KartRider: Drift, and we look forward to seeing you back on the tracks.

Thank you,


-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-