Dev's Garage Dev Blog#17: Moving Forward after Closed Beta 3 2022.03.29


Hey there, Racers!

After the third Closed Beta ended, we feel that we're on the right track to reach a level of quality that will satisfy our Racers, although there's still work ahead. This Dev Blog was delayed as we gave much thought to that, and we apologize for not being able to provide you with any news. We know our Racers have been waiting!
Because we’re developing KartRider: Drift as a global, multi-platform game that can be easily accessible to play by anyone in various platforms and environments, we're doing our best to go beyond East and West with the goal of all Racers playing together globally. As you can imagine, this is a challenge that sparks many difficulties. 
While discussing internally with the development team and looking back at the results of Closed Beta 3, we made sure to set clear principles and criteria for moving forward. With that as a foundation, we reflected on what was lacking from the game and mulled over our progress on developing KartRider: Drift for Racers to feel the essential fun of racing – while also competing and playing with others on a global scale.

In order to cater to the varied skill levels of Racers around the world, we are developing the version of KartRider: Drift that you will experience in the future to be true to the fundamental gameplay and sheer joy of racing. In order to do that, we are seeking to support Racers who are experienced with the KartRider series to compete based on their current experience, as well as helping newer Racers get started with tracks and a more approachable AI system that helps beginning Racers learn the ins and outs (and painfully difficult shortcuts) of the track.

We are also preparing new features and content, but our main priority right now is polishing the racing experience, on which many of you provided feedback. We believe it’s necessary to perfect this core experience first as it will impact all Racers (both new and experienced).
We are grateful for all of the suggestions and feedback Racers have shared so far after Closed Beta 3 because it shows how many of you love this game! In return, we will do our best to deliver news more frequently, and the dev team will put in the effort to polish KartRider: Drift and make it even better when we meet on the track again.
Thank you,

-JL & the KartRider: Drift Team-