Dev's Garage Dev Blog#7:The Work Continues 2020.07.13


Hey there, Racers!

I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.


There were many things I wanted to quickly talk about after the June Global Closed Beta ended, and I apologize for the delay in posting this Dev Blog. We have been busy analyzing the data and checking player feedback.


While analyzing the results of the June Closed Beta, I once again felt the positive response and love that our Racers have for KartRider: Drift. I was in awe of the honest feedback as well.


As a developer of KartRider: Drift, I appreciate the support and feedback of all of our Racers!


After the June Closed Beta ended, the development team looked back and analyzed the data and feedback. We thought about how to satisfy our Racers. We sorted the feedback according to the criteria of [Future], [Objective], [Optimization], [Platform], and [Improvement], resulting in 24 categories and a total of 728 topics that will guide the future direction of the dev team.


The most important thing in completing KartRider: Drift is the thoughts and gameplay of our racers. We will complete this together with you and proceed with the development that will meet the standard of our Racers by continuing to let you know where we're taking things.


That process will be shared through these Dev Blogs and discussed with our Racers as we look forward together. Please stay tuned as we work to bring KartRider: Drift to you, our Racers. I'll put in my best effort as I look forward to seeing you back on the track.


The stories you share in the KartRider: Drift community around the world mean a lot to the development of KartRider: Drift. If there is anything you would like to say to the dev team, please let us know on our social channels!