Dev's Garage Dev Blog#8: Upcoming Improvements 2020.08.26


Hey there Racers!


I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.


It's been a while since the June Global Closed Beta ended. As mentioned in the previous Dev Blogs, the development team has analyzed the racing records and feedback from Racers in order to set the development direction moving forward. After going over that data, we are working on the following improvements.


First, we focused on improving the in-match UX (driving screen) in the June Closed Beta based on feedback from Racers in the November Closed Beta.


The improved in-match UX was well received by Racers who played and checked it out. Based on that positive feedback, we have been making detailed improvements in other areas we were not satisfied with.


In particular, there was a lot of feedback that the out-of-match UX was not intuitive. The dev team wants to focus on the out-of-match UI/UX other than the driving screen.


UI/UX is not simply about design aesthetics. We believe it should consider usability, player sentiment, convenience, and value.


That is why the dev team believes Racer feedback is so important, and that the dev team and Racers working together is the best way to make the UX complete.


We thought about the overall UI/UX from the start, based on the suggestions by Racers in the June Closed Beta. We spent a lot of time on how to make it easy and intuitive and provide usability and convenience to Racers.


As such, the out-of-match UX has been restructured from the start based on feedback from the Racers and internal discussion.


We are working to let it be used freely on various platforms, and for Racers to be able to check the information you want quickly and intuitively. Our goal is to develop and get it verified via internal Focus Group Tests. The out-of-match UX structure is being newly developed, and we are preparing another small Focus Group Test to verify it.




Rest assured, we are giving our all to provide a satisfying user experience, and then checking it step-by-step through Focus Group Tests.


Lastly, the feedback sent by you, Racers, is the direction KartRider: Drift is taking. That is why I believe communicating with you is so important. If you have any suggestions regarding the out-of-match UX, please share in with us on the Official Forums or on Discord.