Dev's Garage Development Preview #1 New Contents 2020.08.31



Get ready for a first look at what the developers have been working on! This content is planned for the future and still under development, so may undergo some changes before release.



New Character: Marid

Romance is in the air as Marid prepares to make her debut.



New Character Skin: Posh Marid

Posh Marid is all dressed up for a luxurious night on the town...or the track!




New Kart: Brutus

The competition gets tough when Brutus enters the field.






New content isn’t all that’s in store for the future. Here’s a quick look at some upcoming features. 

New Game Mode: Grand Prix

Aim for the top in the upcoming Grand Prix Mode! The ‘Grand Prix’ Committee is preparing a brand-new mode.


New System: Driving Assistance System

New system designed to help beginner (and veteran) Racers while driving and drifting.


These new features are still under development, so keep an eye out for additional information in the future!



We hope you enjoyed this peek into KartRider: Drift’s development. Be sure to tell us below what you think.