KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is a high-quality free-to-play game that displays sharp movements achieved with Unreal Engine 4. With easy controls and high accessibility, you can compete against other players online from all over the world! Start your engines and jump right into the world class kart racing game, KartRider: Drift!


KartRider: DriftGame Mode

  • Speed Mode

    If you want to experience the exhilarating speed of KartRider: Drift, charge up your booster with drifts to zoom off! Drift at the right moment during your turns and feel the thrills of real-life drifting and speedy racing!

  • Item Mode

    Collect different items to use to your advantage. Attack others and defend yourself or your team with various items. The beauty of Item Mode is that winning is unpredictable with dynamic races! Always watch out for attack items and be on guard!

Game Mode

KartRider: DriftMultiplayer

Single Player
  • Automated Matchmaking

    Get online and simply press PLAY to jump in the race with our Matchmaking Mode. Choose the Game Mode and Squad Size of your choice. Team up with friends to enjoy races with your squad!

  • Custom Game

    Create a custom race of your choice and invite your friends by sharing the unique game code. Enjoy all types of races with Custom Game!


KartRider: DriftSingle Player

  • License

    You can learn the basic game controls, how to use items, and driving skills here.

  • Time Attack

    This is a mode where you can practice your driving skills. Get familiar with all the tracks, and challenge yourself to break your race time records!

Single Player

KartRider: DriftGarage

Racing Pass
  • Garage Items

    You can personalize your Characters and Karts with all the items received during your gameplay at the Garage.

  • Exterior Parts for Karts

    There are specific Karts that you can customize by switching out different parts of the Karts.

  • Character Skins

    Characters can get different outfits that they can change into. With different skins, you can personalize your characters in various ways!

  • Character Emotes

    Characters can express countless emotions with their Emotes. All Characters have few default Emotes. Make sure to collect many more different Emotes in game!


KartRider: DriftRacing Pass

  • Racing Pass

    There are two types of Racing passes: FREE Lane and PREMIUM Lane.

    FREE Lane is available for all. But, PREMIUM Lane will require a purchase in order to access its benefits.

    Both the FREE Racing Pass and PREMIUM Racing Pass will be available for FREE During the Beta period.

Racing Pass

KartRider: DriftChallenge

Game Mode
  • Daily Challenge

    Daily Challenge is a casual mission anyone can participate in. Once you successfully complete the given missions, you will receive Racing Pass Trophies. Missions will be reset daily.

  • Premium Challenge

    Premium Challenge is only available to those that have purchased the Premium Racing Pass. Premium Challenge is slightly more difficult than the Daily Challenge but will reward you with a generous amount of Racing Pass Trophies. Challenges will be reset weekly.