Kartrider: DriftGame Modes

  • Speed Mode

    Speed Mode

    If you want to experience the exhilarating speed of KartRider: Drift, charge up your booster with drifts to zoom off!
    A perfectly executed drift will give you the feels the thrills of a real-life drifting and speedy racing!
    Speed mode will be available once you obtain the Intermediate License.

    Accessible with the Intermediate License.
  • Item Mode

    Item Mode

    Collect different items to use to your advantage. Attack others and defend yourself or your team with various items. The beauty of Item Mode is that winning is unpredictable with dynamic races!
    Always watch out for attack items and be on guard!

    The Item type (attack, defend, boost) is distinguishable by the color of the slot.
    Press CTRL once to aim projectile items, press CTRL again to fire at the target.

Kartrider: DriftBeginner Care

  • Tutorial


    A walkthrough prepared in the beginning of the game is designed to assist and familiarize players to the core gaming elements.

  • Driving Assistance

    Driving Assistance

    This feature is prepared to help players better understand the gaming mechanism.

    Various features are available in game to help guide your driving. Enabled settings will be displayed in the beginning of the race.

Kartrider: DriftMultiplayer

  • Match Mode

    Match Mode

    Play with your friends and family online.
    Have a go on Item Mode or Speed Mode in singles or in teams. You can also squad up with friends to drift to your hearts content!

  • Custom Game

    Custom Game

    Create a custom race of your choice and invite your friends by sharing the unique game code.
    Looking to race with or against your friends? Create a custom race and share a game code for a more private competition.
    All game types supported in Match Mode (Item/Speed) are playable in Custom Game.

Kartrider: DriftSingle Player

  • Time Attack

    Time Attack

    This mode lets you practice and test your limits as you will be racing to have your name up in the leaderboard.
    Platform/Regional standings for every racetrack is displayed on screen.
    Familiarize yourself with all the racetracks and put your limits to the test!

  • License


    You can learn the basic game controls, how to use items, and driving skills here.
    There are two types of attainable licenses: Beginner and Intermediate.

  • License

    Clear five missions prepared for respective licenses.
    Intermediate License will be available once you clear every mission for the Beginner License.
    Feel the excitement as you make progress through the dynamic license missions.

  • License

    You will receive stars according to your performance in the missions.
    Better the performance, better the rewards!

Kartrider: DriftGarage

  • Garage Items

    Garage Items

    You can personalize your Characters and Karts with accessories, emotes, exterior kart parts and more, collected during your gameplay.

  • Exterior Parts for Karts

    Exterior Parts for Karts

    Kart exterior parts are exclusively designed to fit certain parts (Cotton, Burst, Solid, Marathon, Saber). These karts can be customized and designed with the provided exterior parts.
    Kart decoration parts can be used to customize and design every kart.

  • Character Outfits

    Character Outfits

    Characters can change out of their default outfits by applying various costumes attainable in-game.
    Personalize your characters with creative outfits!

  • Character Emotes

    Character Emotes

    Characters can express countless emotions with their Emotes.
    All Characters have default Emotes. Make sure to collect many more different Emotes in game!

Kartrider: DriftRacing Pass

  • Normal Pass / Premium Pass

    Normal Pass / Premium Pass

    There are two types of Racing passes: NORMAL and PREMIUM.

    During CBT3, premium pass is available after you attain the Intermediate License, free of charge.
    Collect special in-game rewards prepared for both race passes.
    Play the game and complete challenges to level of your race pass!

    Accessible with the Intermediate License.

Kartrider: DriftChallenges

  • Normal Challenges

    Normal Challenges

    Normal Challenge is a casual mission anyone can participate in.
    Once you successfully complete the given missions, you will receive Racing Pass Trophies. Missions will be reset daily.

  • Premium Challenges

    Premium Challenges

    Premium Challenge is only available to those that have received the Premium Racing Pass.
    Premium Challenge is slightly more difficult than the Daily Challenge but will reward you with a generous amount of Racing Pass Trophies. Challenges will be reset weekly.

Kartrider: DriftLivery

  • Livery


    Show your creativity through kart customization!
    Race in your one and only kart by designing and applying wraps and decals to the kart.

    Accessible from racer level 5.
  • Paint


    Apply your favorite colors to your kart.
    Colors vary from regular solid colors to chrome, metal, carbon, matt and more!

    Accessible from racer level 5.
  • Decals


    Use shares and texts to create unique decals for your kart!