CBT2ndTester Announcement

  • 1st Round06.02.2020 (Tues) 02:00 [UTC]05.14 Thurs - 06.01 Mon 02:00 Registered Applicants
  • 2nd Round06.08.2020 (Mon) 07:00 [UTC]05.14 Thurs - 06.08 Mon 01:00 Registered Applicants


KartRider: Drift

  • Recruit Period05.14.2020 (Thurs) - 06.08.2020 (Mon) 01:00 [UTC]
  • CBT2 Schedule06.03.2020 (Wed) 23:00 - 06.10.2020 (Wed) 13:00 [UTC]
Platform : PC/XBOX/STEAM

Tester Registration

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  • PC [NEXON]
  • XBOX

Recommended PC Specifications

In order to guarantee the most optimal KartRider: Drift testing experience, please make sure to check the Recommended PC Specifications.

KartRider: Drift Recommended Specifications

  • Operating SystemWindows 7 and above (64-bit)
  • CPUIntel i5 Quad Core and above
  • Memory8GB and above
  • Graphic CardGeforce GTX 760 and above
  • Free Disk Space30GB
  • Click [Check My PC Specs] button, then run KDSystemInfoCheck_EN.exe file from the warning prompt at the bottom of your browser.
  • The collected PC Spec data will ONLY be used for troubleshooting of either installing and or running the game.

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